1 A)Looking at the journal article summarise your understanding of word of mouth champions as discussed by the authors

The answer is obvious that I will consult a friend who is well aware of that product before making a buy. After all, I am buying a cell phone, not a chocolate bar! And according to the authors of the article, ‘ Turning the amplification up to 11’, this friend of mine who talks about the product, knows mostly everything about it and has the ability to convince me to buy the brand that he is recommending is called as the ‘ word of mouth’ champion.In the marketing world, the consumers who communicate the information are divided into three types. One type of people are those who talk a lot to many people about a certain product, the second types are those who can give you loads of information about the product but this happens only when you ask them and the third type of people are those who has the ability to sell the product to you by convincing you about the worthiness of the product. But the champions are only those who are so passionate about the product and its functions that he not only discusses the product with whoever he comes in contact with but also enthusiastically provides you all the information that you need and with his passionate drive, becomes successful in making you to spend the money and buy it. So it is the passion that makes the word of mouth champions not just the ability to talk or give the information.Word of mouth is nothing but a way of telling customers about the product through people who are common people like others and whose words are trusted like that of friend’s. Mouth publicity can be done in numerous ways like discussing with friends,