20 Things 20YearOlds Don’t Get

20 Things 20-Year-Olds Dont Get 20 Things 20-Year-Olds Dont Get According to my initial assessment, the article is a good piecefit for young graduates or those yet to complete their studies. It gives pieces of advice to young people on how to face life once they come out of school. It targets both the employed young people and those yet to secure jobs who share the objective of excelling in life. The tips are applicable in the real life and are vital in overcoming the challenges that come with employment, especially for the young generation.
The point that stands out to me is the one on time. The author is right when he emphasizes the importance of making good use of time (Nazar, 2013). The point on reputation is crucial. Young people require reminder on the necessity to protect and maintain a good reputation. Damaged reputation follows you wherever you go. On working hard, the author is not very right. Being first to arrive at work and the last to leave does not translate to being effective in the workplace. It is better to work smart and achieve the set goals than spend more hours at the workplace. Hard work does not depend on the number of hours spent working but on the quality and timely delivery of targets.
The point that I will take from the article is advancing in technical skills to complement my degree (Nazar, 2013). According to the article, this will boost the chances of getting employment. The author also stresses on networking as a strategy for ensuring employment. It is true that securing jobs today rely more on the people that one knows than skills possessed by the person. Expanding on the network guarantees the timely receipt of information about employment opportunities.
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