2013 Fashion Promotion



The essay "Fashion Promotion" talks about the promotion in fashion. The brand, Release, has every intention to rival well positioned brands in the fashion industry such as ZARA, HM and TopShop. Obviously, this is not a mean challenge as these are well established brands which have largely cut a niche in the fashion market. At the moment, a brand such as ZARA is the biggest fashion retailer in the world, eating into its UK market share will require meticulous planning and exquisite brand positioning. One that puts into consideration the cultural diversity, demographics, and the choices and priorities of the brands focus group. Release has made a deliberate effort to define its customers not on basis of products but on class, with the focus group being the high end clientele who are often in the middle or upper middle bracket. The idea is to provide everything this class of customers requires in terms of fashion under one roof, availing them a chance to shop for the entire family with complete ease. The premium fashion brands segment has arguably witnessed the greatest changes in the consumer market. The segment also faces aggressive competition from the higher-priced luxury and prestige brands and the lower priced mass fashion brands. High end consumers desire innovative and inspiring luxury products to enable them to feel dynamic and alive. They view high-end products as not necessarily the most expensive or the most lavish products, but the best that suits each individual and their outlook of life.