3 Short answers about history

1. Discuss President Johnsons plan for reconstruction and Congresss response to that plan. President Johnson’s Reconstruction involved a series of proclamations to hold elections and reform the government. He wanted to restore the Union fast through the Reconstruction. The plan also involved returning the confiscated lands to their white owners and passed punitive laws such as Black Codes. It also involved opposing the Fourteenth Amendment that would give citizenship to Black Americans.
Congress responded to impeach him which he narrowly escaped by a mere one vote from the Senate.
2. Discuss the major changes that occurred in American agriculture during the last half of the nineteenth century.
During the last half of the century, one third of Americans worked in agriculture whose conditions were far from ideal because of droughts, plagues, high cost of farming and backward method of farming. During this period also, America is in the process of transforming itself into one of the greatest industrial country on the planet. Along with this industrialization is the development and modernization of the agricultural sector for it become efficient in growing its agricultural produce.
3. Discuss the characteristics of the American population in the late nineteenth century and analyze the nature of immigration into the country during that period.
Late nineteenth century America was largely rural with almost no industrial sector and most people were uneducated. They were still conservative and adopted the Victorian way of life where manners and propriety were emphasized. Families were also large to help out farming which was the primary livelihood of most Americans during that time.
Immigration was at its height during this period. Most immigrants during this time came from Europe such as countries Sicily, Ireland, Russia and Eastern Europe.