3D Animation and Techniques Education and Entertainment



The classic hand-animated Disney film ‘Snow White’ was released in the year 1937. This year was called the beginning of the ‘golden age’ for animation. Since then Disney has released a lot of hand-animated films that are enjoyed by people of all ages, right from small children to adults. However, today, with the advancement of 3D technology, everything is done with the computer. All you need to have is an eye for art and creativity. The computer takes care of the rest! (The 3D Debate, n.d) The multimedia industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Today, 3D technology is used in a lot of areas like education, entertainment, and so on. Lessons are taught in schools and colleges using 3D animated characters. Children, in particular love watching such animated characters in actions as they can associate with them pretty easily. Thus, education along with entertainment is being implemented and it could be quite effective, too. The history and progress of 3D modeling in the field of entertainment is almost endless. Right from decades before, the animation field has been experiencing progress and encouragement. 3D games became a craze. Even now there are a lot of children who are fascinated by 3D characters like Mario, Wolfenstein and so on. Magic and fantasy based games like Harry Potter 1-4, Jazz Jackrabbit, Sonic 2 and so on are also popular among children. This would not have been possible without the help of 3D technology. The word is that third generation games and games using virtual reality would be introduced in the near future. So, there is no doubt that the gaming industry would be crippled without the assistance of 3D modeling and other similar technology. 3D modeling is also widely being used in the film industry. Either an ordinary movie uses special effects or an entire movie is created using such special effects.