“500700 Word essay on Dante&#x27

s Inferno”In Dante’s Divine Comedy a distinction is made between the physical world and the spiritual world, the physical body and the spiritual body, the physical city and the spiritual city. Choose two passages from the Inferno to compare and contrast these two aspects. Be sure to make an argument for your comparisons using textual evidence.You can bring in Florence or the city of Dis or the role of Dante as a viator (traveler) and his physical form. You can consider the cityscape of Dante’s hell. You can consider Inferno as a perverted city. You can juxtapose it with the celestial city (for instance by bringing in Augustine). You can analyze a particular infernal citizen as a citizen (that is considering him/her in terms of his/her citizenship). You can consider the citizens of Hell through the dichotomy “being inside/being outside”.08/05/202020socialscience