A Bad Time to Raise a Daughter

With such factors contributing to the challenges, then there has never been a bad time of raising a daughter than it is today. This is mostly true when the daughter is at the teenage or adolescent stage of her life. At these stages, their character is featured by resentment and aggression, as they try to experiment and experience the real world, which is in contrast to their parents wish. The greatest challenge is normally experienced in helping the daughter through the process of transition from the puberty to an adolescent stage, mostly due to the emotional and physical changes taking place in their bodies, creating curiosity, and the need for adventure (Braun, 10). Thus, raising a daughter during her teenage and adolescent stages is a bad time for parents.Magical thinking, imagination and fantasizing are the elements that characterize the state of mind of girls at these stages (Braun, 8). Therefore, helping them to base their thinking on the reality of the world as it is, doing away with their wishful thinking and handling their highs and lows is an important aspect of raising the daughter (Stern, 24). Making her understand what is happening to her body, her emotions, and hormonal changes, as well as making this appear normal is a tough task that parents should take up. Since the body and physical looks start becoming an important consideration for such girls at these stages, then, helping them understand why these changes in their bodies occur, form the parental perspective, thus avoiding any chance of them being informed on the same from a bad company is crucial (McCarthy, 7).Since their sexual activities and desires start accelerating at this stage, then protecting the girls from interactions and socialization that can lead to the same is a daunting task for the parents.