A Critical Analysis of the Film Avatar (2009)

The organisms are scary considering they are blue in color. It turns out that getting the precious stones will be a tough duel between Jake’s team and the aliens.
The next episode involves the transfer of Jake’s consciousness into the Avatar body. Jake is a former marine who had been confined to walking with a wheelchair after getting injured in battle. This biological robot is developed from human and Na’vi DNA. This is the ultimate plan to make sure that he gets an upper hand in the struggle. Pandora’s atmosphere is toxic with gases which would easily end his life. However, in the acquired form, it becomes easy to navigate the planet and interact with Na’vi people. There are a number of film genres and styles adopted in the film Avatar. The idea of post-colonialism crisis dominate the film with the Na’vi society representing the resourcefully rich countries which are habitable. The presence of the precious minerals shows that region is not exploited as Jakes leaves the over exploited world to seek minerals from Pandora. The analysis will focus on the plot development and how themes relating to real life and matters affecting humans are presented.
The movie incorporates aspects from the past, present and future. The financial run out experienced by VA fits well in the experienced economic recession from 2008 across the world. The idea of colonialism and post-colonialism is well expressed using the rich planet Pandora.