A Dramatic Effect of Air Pollution

Moving on this can result in negative feedback in terms of population but and yet can prove to be a positive reinforcement of health costs. Acid rain is also one of the positive feedbacks which can do plenty of capital damage as it is known to damage structures and other building material over time.

From the slide show, one may also see that the environment is at great risk due to air pollution and with acid rain, there can be a degradation of the local area with a potential slide in any form of tourism that the community may support. This can lead to negative feedback with regards to capital flow through the area. Not only can this but the local wildlife population also suffers greatly. If any localized industry such as a dairy farm that is dependent on domestic animals, then they may be at risk of losing their animals to this problem.

A few ways to solve this problem or to try and limit the effects for the time being could potentially be to introduce new rules regarding the pollution of the air in any form. Factories should be subjected to a strict regulation that demands that certain limits be placed on the amount of pollution that is released in the air with some measures taken to ensure minimum release. Taxes should be placed on heavy-duty industries in the area and the money should be spent on the maintenance of infrastructure and wildlife.

Planting more trees in the region where either acid rain has laid devastation or even those areas where humans have cut down greenery themselves will be able to solve the issue at least for the time. This can be coped with wildlife preservations to prevent any harm to the animals of the area ensuring their stability.

For the case of abject poverty and potential debt due to a downturn in the economy, banks can be asked to issue loans at lesser interest rates than normal to those who require it or which to start a business of their own which can create employment in turn.