A Foreign artist in Paris



The research paper "A Foreign artist in Paris – Pablo Picasso" discover one of the most incredible artists of modern era. Pablo Picasso is a famous artist from Spain. Artistic impression may have been passed onto the young Picasso, as his father practiced his specialty of painting especially of naturalistic depictions. This gene was passed from the father, as he proved to be an illustrious professor and curator. this in the city’s School of Crafts and a local museum respectively. This artistic capacity was evident from a young age, to be trained henceforth from the young age of seven years. His father was responsible for his early learning, especially in oil painting and figure drawing. As a traditional instructor and academic artist, his father was of the belief that proper training necessitated the disciplined learning from existing art masters. In addition was the need for skill in drawing the human body from both live models and plaster casts, with Picasso becoming engrossed in art. to the detriment of his schooling. It is after the tragic death of his sister that the family moved to Barcelona. Later, he was admitted in the city’s School of Fine Arts at the age of just 13 years. But his conduct could not sustain him in the center, instead transferring to Madrid’s Royal Academy, which is the nation’s foremost art center. However, his spirit was wild, being unable to sustain his schooling, to later on stop class attendance at the age of 16 years. His focus was henceforth shifted to other areas of interest.