A good (or bad) parent

A Good Parent A child’s first school is his home and it is the teaching of the parents which forms the first stage of learning for children. The role of parents in shaping the character and the future of a child cannot be ignored. Parents play a pivotal role in training their children and they teach them how to lead a good life. A good parent can make the life of a child bright whereas a bad parent may do the reverse. Every individual has their own definition of a good parent and people coming from different backgrounds may stress upon a certain aspect more than the other. But a good parent would truly be one who would be able to nurture their child by instilling all the good qualities that are needed to make a good person. A good parent is defined as one who shows understanding for the needs of their children, supports them to boost their confidence and at the same time teaches the importance of ethics and values to the child. For effective parenting, it is essential that a parent is aware of the needs of their children. A good parent is considerate and understands the needs of their child and helps them accordingly. A perfect example is that of the children who are slow and do not outshine in their academics due to different reasons which may include lack of concentration or poor learning skills. It is the duty of the parent to be thoughtful towards the need of their child rather than scolding the child for not being able to achieve the best grades in class. A parent should be able to assess where their child stands and they should have an effective communication with their children to improve understanding of the physical as well as psychological demands of the young growing mind. This would provide for a healthy upbringing for the children as they would not be under stress and exertion. When children are young, they always expect support from their parents because at younger ages they cannot turn towards other people for help. A good parent would be one who would not only know of the special requirements of their children but would also be ready to support them. Support from parents enhances the confidence of the young children because they are aware that they can always turn to their parents for help. If a child would not be assured of the support of their parents, he would be shy and would not be able to effectively communicate with their parent. For example, children who face bullying in schools do not share their problems with their parents because they are not very sure if their parents would stand by them. It is the duty of a good parent to make their children feel secure by providing them with warmth and love so that children are assured that their parents are by their side and they can look forward to seek their assistance in difficult times. One of the most essential tasks of a parent is to raise their children to become good human beings. A good parent is one who would teach their children regarding the importance of ethical and moral values since a young age. A parent should be able to draw a line for their child to differentiate between right and wrong. For example, it is the duty of the parents to teach their children that stealing is bad or misbehaving with elders is wrong. They should be able to explain to their children that they should not be of harm to others but rather be helpful towards the people who are in need. A good parent is one who is able to complete this duty so that their child grows up to be a good person. Young minds need to be directed on the right track and it is the work of a good parent to correctly focus their children. A good parent is defined as one who disciplines their children to become good moral beings, shows understanding towards the children and provides them with undue support when they are in need of it. A good parent is one who gives time to their children, accepts their shortcomings and helps them towards overcoming them. Also, a good parent supports the children if they are being harmed or if they are under stress. It is also a job of a good parent to teach their children regarding ethical values so that the children are able to demarcate between good and bad.