A Perfect Passion Trailer

of Lecturer 27 April Essay about The Movie (A Perfect Passion – Gail Currie (2008 A Perfect Passion Trailer by Gail Currie is a great 50 minutes trailer that shows the value of dance as a non-verbal means of communication in clear terms. The documentary as produced by the Cheremosh Ukrainian dance company clearly shows the richness in the dance style of Ukrainians. The rich cultural heritage of these people was also clear for all to see. The significance of dance as a non-verbal means of communication shall be well elaborated in this short paper.
The documentary shows the use of the Ukrainian Hopak dance as a means of communication by some Ukrainians. It is clear from the documentary that the Hopak dance is a great medium that the Ukrainians use to pass their messages across to other Ukrainians non-verbally. Thus, dance has a great value in giving people information without speaking any word.
The Hopak dance was seen as an energetic and flamboyant folk dance of the Ukrainian people as it reflected their rural lifestyle. The message of this documentary is clear as it could be deduced from this dance style that the lifestyle of the Ukrainians is in line with the Cossack lifestyle (Dancers). Thus, the dance was used by the director to trace the origin of the Ukrainians and teach lessons of history. Thus, dance is also a way of teaching people their history non-verbally without having to read history books into their ears.
The dance described in A Perfect Passion has no fixed pattern of steps and the dance is done according to the mood of the dancers and it helps brings matters that happen in the community to the fore. Thus, dance is seen as a way of spreading information about the society that the dance was performed and this is a non-verbal means of spreading information to the people (Dancers). Thus, dance is also a great means of spreading information to people about current events non-verbally without having to listen to the news.
Dance in A Perfect Passion is also a means of spreading messages of love and folktales as lovers perform this dance in order to spread message of love to the people. The dance of couples is a beautiful dance that is used in the documentary to preach love and the sustenance of relationships. The improvised steps by the male dancers are just ways that have been devised to spread some specific messages without uttering any words (Dancers).
Men and women dance differently in the Hopak dance style. The squatting kicks, high leaps and turns that are performed competitively by men and the simple dance steps, sways and claps that are performed by women are just ways that the director tried to show that there is difference in the styles of men and women. The message also shows that men and women have different styles as depicted in the different dance styles that exist amongst them.
If there is one message that is clear from this 50 minutes thriller, it is in the intention of the director in the presentation of the documentary. The documentary clearly showed that dance has a very great value in communicating non-verbally. The director clearly showed that it is not until people utter words that they communicate effectively. Hence, dance is a very effective means of communicating non-verbally.
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