A Person With High Goals and Ideas Educational Career

Your full full February 28, Personal ment for Scholarship Immigrant women, especially those from the working class, are normally considered as not very highly educated, dumb or cunning. I am a totally different image. I am an immigrant working woman with good achievements in educational career and high goals. I have seen my parents working hard throughout their lives to make both ends meet. They have taught ethics and values that have always helped me to inculcate honesty and hard work in seeking high quality education so as to get a fruitful job in future. Through every financial crisis, it was their prayers and my uphill struggle that has led me this far in my educational career.
I was born in Russia in a little southern town, Goriachy Kluch. I studied in a local high school and had always been a top student getting positions and certificates. I was also an active participant of my hometown’s Union of the Young Painters and won the best picture contest in my hometown in year 2000. I feel proud to tell that I graduated from high school with the highest honors and received full scholarship for admission in Rostov State University for BA in Finance and Credit. It was like my constant struggle through every thick and thin had started bearing fruit. My teachers and professors always considered me a student worthy of reward. I graduated from the university in year 2007 again with highest honors and received full scholarship for admission in the Masters programme in the same university. Once again, my honesty and hard work was given its due reward. Life had something special in store for me. I met my future husband, got married, and then had to move to the United States with him. Now, it has been two years since I shifted to the US.
Since, I had always been the type of person with high goals and ideas, I thought of pursuing my education and career once again. Along with looking after my married life, I made adjustments in my routine and got admission in a college in the Accounting discipline. Thanks to my husband’s moral support and encouragement, I am in my third semester right now. I have clear plans to get my AA degree which would lead me towards my BA degree in Accounting. After that, I plan to pass a CPA exam to become a CPA.
Besides this, in order to satisfy my helpful and sympathetic nature, I work as a volunteer helper for an old couple here in California who does not have any relations to look after them. Nothing pleases me more than helping people out especially those who are in dire need of help.
My application for scholarship might be plain but is very truthful. I have tried to give you an honest picture of who I am. Married life itself brings a lot of expenses and if I receive the scholarship, I would get the peace of mind and ease to manage my everyday life expenses, transportation, bills and college expenses. I would then be able to better concentrate on my grades to keep up my previous record. I would be very thankful if the scholarship selection committee takes some out of its precious time to give a brief consideration to this letter.
Thanking you in advance,