A Practical Guide to Designing Winning Sales Reward Programs

Cloud Creative solutions Ltd provides such services as online marketing, design, advertising, direct marketing, internet marketing, media planning and public relations among others to its clients and hence it is a key organization that not only helps itself in growth and development but also assists others through the provision of the essential services aimed at boosting sales. With the difficulties that have been experienced in the marketing and advertising industry in which CCS company falls, there is need to adopt effective strategies in the company in order to ensure that the existing customers are a lot lost to other companies and new ones are gained too. Marketing communication entails a strategic relationship that exists between an organization and its market. There are various marketing communication tools that CCS can use in order to win new business, other than personal selling, which is the main tool of communication in the company. They include sales promotion, advertising, public relations, sponsorships, exhibitions, corporate identity, use of websites, merchandising, packaging among others (Anonymous 2011). Sales promotion entails any form of an initiative undertaken by a business organization in an effort to promote an increase in sales and usage of products and services. It is one of the four aspects of the promotional mix. Advertising is also a constituent of the promotional mix and entails commercial means (print or electronic) of persuasive creation of awareness to the public of the availability of a particular product and service and its value.