A report for Saturday night and Sunday morning presentation with particular attention to the practice of adaptation from its source novel You will be assessed according to clarity of ideas attention to film language and appropriate use of excerpts and

This implies that adopting a novel requires effective utilization of different film developments techniques in order to create a realistic film that will appeal to the target audience as Tony Richardson portrays in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.
Unlike in novels that have plots, films have a distinctive narration, which refers to a series of events often occurring in a cause and effect relationship in particular space and time. When developing a film, the developers must employ strategic tools that help unite the events in the film in a cause and effect relationship thereby earning relevance to every feature of the film. Tony Richardson portrays an effective understanding of this as he develops the narrative of the film. As explained earlier, the fictional story recounts the life of Arthur Seaton, a young mechanic in a factory in Nottingham (Giannetti, 2008). The mechanic has a liberal view to life and therefore lives a reckless lifestyle often jumping from one relationship to another. Unlike most married men, he has a series of illicit affairs key among which is one with the wife of his colleague.
Developing such a narrative requires extensive consideration of the film development elements that can improve the effectiveness of the film. Among such elements, that Tony Richardson considers is characterization. A character must fit particular roles in order to make the storyline natural. Albert Finney, a renowned professional English actor plays the roles of the philanderers Arthur Seaton (Ivory, 1992). The actor fits in the position of the fictional character thereby depicting his personality appropriately. The developers of the film sought the services of professional actors including Shirley Anne Field who acts as Doreen and Rachel Roberts as Brenda. The professionalism portrayed by the actors contributes to the success of the film and the effectiveness of the narration since