A Strong Project Management Strategy and Increasing the Efficiency of the Company System

The present market scenario had poised a lot of complex activities before the supply chain and logistics managers of Chennai Hotels. With the growth of the company and its increasing presence, the typical supply chain had taken up the form of a sequence of disconnected activities, both within and outside of the organization. To cure these circumstances, the management decided to implement a detailed project management plan under the able guidance of an expert Project manager who can assess the actual problems of the system and recommend suitable methods. Looking at the fragmented supply chain order within the company, the Project manager decided that it is essential that the business and its suppliers, manufacturers, patrons, and other third-party providers must engage in plan which could combine tactical forecast and operational implementation with an observation to minimize the expenditure and capitalize on cost across the entire supply chain of the company’s network. The ever-increasing needs of the market have weakened the original link between the Hotel Supply chain and the vendor. There is a wide network of information exchange at all levels starting from procurement of raw material to its finally reaching the Hotel. There has been a slack in the activities related to optimization of delivery, order fulfilment, production flexibility returns costs, inventory and asset management and various other factors that have overall affected the performance of the Chennai Group and its profits.