A Tour to History Colorado Center

From this study it is clear that&nbsp.Ancient Puebbloan people domesticated turkey for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was it was rich source of protein that could replaces the decreasing number of deers who also proved very difficult to hunt and they were also over hunted hence their reduction in population. Archeologists have found remains of turkey in pens together with their gizzards stones, eggshell in large number and these have been collected and brought into o the center.&nbsp. Within the center you would come across heals damages of turkey preserved in the center and this also support mass hunting of turkey by ancient Puebloan people.&nbsp.
This discussion stresses that&nbsp.various artifacts such as needles, neck less which shows how creative the first Puebloan of Mesa Verde area in Colorado was in designing their tools from hallow bones which they used in making blankets from turkey feathers. Dust Bowl. This shows how man has learnt how to survive in very challenging environment. The tour to the center also reflected how economical and less demanding it was to keep turkey because they consume approximately half a pound of maize grains daily and some small insects which could be found in the natural environment. This encounter therefore would be very useful to entrepreneurs who don’t have huge capital but are interesting in engaging in farming activities.&nbsp.Certain cultural orientations may be grounded on straight traditions.