A Vital Role of Science

Finland has been ranked fifth in the global science forum. this means that the country is taking steps to ensure that science becomes part of a solution to daily problems. The country has experienced mushrooming organizations that offer competitive ground for technological advancement in various fields. mathematics, astronomy, architecture, chemistry, metallurgy, medicine and other innovative sectors in the science world. It is also paramount for a given company to stay open-minded so as to assimilate ideas from other likeminded individuals. CRANN in Finland is a good example of such a scenario that enjoys support from other huge international companies in the world. It has been Finland’s tradition to ensure universal harmony and a holistic approach towards the entire humankind. Since time immemorial since has been on the oven each day a new idea crops up and gets formulated almost instantaneously. Science also plays an integral aspect in the economy. with proper collaboration with the leaders in the country science will obviously increase productivity in a particular country.
CRANN (The Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanodevices) is a constituent of trinity college Dublin. So far it is the biggest research institute in the college and essentially works in conjunction with University College Cork (UCC). This institute works at the frontiers of nano and materials which concentrates on developing knowledge of nanoscale materials. The institute directs its concentration to typically new devices that are culminated by sensor technologies in the market. specifically on biotechnology and medical technology areas. However, there is a changing direction of concentration to energy research which is the greatest driving force. This paper depicts some of the techniques adopted by the institute in relation to research and operations.
CRANN’s main challenge is to come up with new scientifically proven nonmaterials. for example, Graphene which is expected to have a high value of mechanical magnetic properties culminated with improved optical and electrical properties