A5Chpt 7

NACHA the Electronic Payment Association Introduction NACHA is a non-profit electronic payment association that is in charge of the administration of the ACH Network. In addition, it facilitates the operating rules for the ACH payments that explicate the financial institutions’ obligations and other participants of the ACH. NACHA also possesses the responsibility of representing various financial institutions through their different payment associations. Through these together with the educational offerings and accreditation programs, NACHA is able to gather all payments systems, fortifying the ACH Network and cultivating a dialogue nature. Its other fundamental role is in the industrial field, where it acts like a trade organization. Through this it enables the preservation of a secure ACH Network and at the same time, taking into account the public sentiments (NACHA). There are numerous innovations and technologies in emergence, thus changing the manner in which businesses access, utilize and transit their money. The current world is shifting into an electronic and mobile infrastructure (NACHA). This depicts the essence of securing the electronic payments to ensure that they operate as expected by the consumers. Here the ACH Network emerges into involvement because it makes all these possibilities into action. In addition, NACHA is the trustee of this payment network. The major participants involved when making an ACH e-payment are the originator, ODFI, ACH operator, RDFI, receiver and the third party processor (NACHA). ConclusionThere are various changes and upcoming projects that are emerging from the ACH Network. Some are already in implementation while others are still in the planning stage. However, there is one outstanding project that is underway and it entails authorization proof for non-consumer entries. This project will be effective by the end of the 2014 year, awaiting its implementation (NACHA). Currently, RDFIs are often not asked to provide authorization proof for their card transaction entries. This will improve the security protection, thus impeding any corrupt activities when transacting business and making payments. This is a relevant project coming up in the ACH that will boost its network appropriately. Works CitedNACHA: The Electronic Payment Association. (2014). Web. 18 June 2014.