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Annotated BibliographyABORTIONStudent NameName of ClassABORTIONFischer, John Martin. “Abortion and Ownership.”The Journal of Ethics(2013): 275-304. Print.The argument in this documentation is that there is more sense in regards to pro-choice decisions. Every pregnant woman should have a right to control every aspect that relates to their bodies. From examples of individuals coming from different aspects of life and different lifestyles, all of them end up staying towards the pro-choice perspective towards abortion-related issues. It shows that no other person has a right in any way to determine what happens to someone else’s biological body. Clark-Moe, Loren. “My Body, My Employer, My Abortion. ” Washington Post. 06 July. 2014: A. 15. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 19 Cot. 2014.This focuses on the issue of denial of health insurance coverage for abortion procedures for an expectant mother. Those without funds and have a pro-choice view on abortion-related issued are quite disadvantaged since they may end up keeping the pregnancy and facing undesired consequences due to the state, they are in. The mother supports equal rights for women who prefer abortion as their choices and it shouldn’t matter the type of profession that they are in. No form of restrictions should be imposed on women due to their status or class says Lader, (1970).Upadhyay, Ushma D., Tracy A. Weitz, Rachel K. Jones, Rana E. Barar, and Diana GreeneFoster. “Denial of Abortion Because of Provider Gestational AgeLimits in the UnitedStates.”American Journal of Public Health104.9 (2014): E1-E8. Print.The issue of gestational age limits concerning abortion procedures that prohibits abortion due to age has had an impact on the limiting of choices for women on what to do with their pregnancies. This seems to be a way of indirectly promoting pro-life ideologies says Nelson, (1992).Con: Pests, Abigail. “War of the Wombs.” Newsweek. 02 July. 2012: n. P. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 19 Cot. 2014.Advocating for the rights of the embryo as an unborn human being is the main issue in this documentation. It portrays abortion as an unfair practice to a life that has no choice. The set up non-profit organization facilitates activities related to pro-choice ideas with activists who support the idea to push it as much as they can to reach as many people as possible.They seem not to oppose any form of contraceptives but methods associated with the termination of life for unborn beings says Piehl, (2007).Harris, Janet. “Stop Calling Abortion a ‘Difficult’ Choice.” Washington Post. 17 Gauge. 2014: 8. 1. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 19 Cot. 2014.This publication seems to demonstrate how the choice of abortion can be felt by the woman with the choice and how she will be perceived by society due to the act. It also shows a conformist’s view on abortion with most looking at is as murder and the one who participates in such an action mostly the woman will be held accountable due to her made decision. The ethical side and religious perspectives also have an impact on the issues related to abortion with pro-life promotions being at the center point of the whole discussion and the efforts taken to reinstate it as part of the general law that should apply to every woman.ReferencesPiehl, N. (2007).Abortion. Detroit: Greenhaven Press.Lader, L. (1970).Abortion. Boston: Beacon Press.Nelson, J. (1992).Abortion. San Diego, CA: Lucent Books.