Abused and Abusive Adolescents

Abused and Abusive Adolescents There are several forms of family abuse and violence that ranges in various family settings. This includes: parental abuse on adolescents, sibling abuse, sibling sexual abuse and also abuse of parents by adolescents and parricide. Each and every type of this abuse has got its dominated effects and consequences to the concern parties.
Parental abuse of adolescents
According to Barnett, Miller- Perlin, and Perrin (249), adolescent maltreatment has been a commonly practiced behavior of many parents towards their related and unrelated adolescents among many families. Adolescent malpractices entail the behaviors that are harmful to the children more especially teenagers hence resulting to physical, psychological and sexual neglect to the teenagers. Some parents administer weird forms of punishment as a form of instilling discipline to their children and this has resulted to long term effects to their children even in their teenage stages. For instance, the problematic behavior exhibited by the adolescents who were mistreated in their childhood stages can be very extensive resulting to external and internal effects. An adolescent who underwent mistreatment in his or her early stages is prone to antisocial behaviors, having low self-esteem, have suicidal thoughts, engulfed with stress at all times and even poor anger management (Barnett, Miller- Perlin, and Perrin 250).
Personal opinion on the topic
Barnett, Miller- Perlin, and Perrin (250), I totally differ with parents who are not human in their form of instilling discipline to their teenagers. Some parents overdo it and as a result cause a permanent effect to their teenagers causing them to develop long term effects. For instance a parent decides to discipline his child to sleep outside on the dog mat because he or she could not finish up his homework. It is unlawful to any parent to administer discipline to his or her child which in the long run will result to the child being with problematic effects. This parent is prune to facing the law. It makes sense when a parent politely corrects his or her child and shows him the consequences of his actions rather than a parent who inhumanly punishes his or her child with frustrations or ego oriented mind set.
Importance of the topic
I have realized that in a family setting there exist all forms of family violence and abuse. Through this, one requires an adequate know how on to deal with any form of family abuse and how to provide long term solution to any difference that may arise in the family. This is facilitated by putting in place mechanisms and channels that are to be followed in order to solve issues either in a short run or long run perspective. Through reading this course i have been in a position to embrace self-control in decision making processes. This is because the decision made can have an intense impact if the judgment is not correctly made (Barnett, Miller- Perlin, and Perrin 275).
This topic is of great importance to any family setting because it makes family members to be acquainted with the kind of abuses a family is prune to. It also makes them have in depth knowledge of how to deal with these family violence and abuses considering the fact that the impacts of improper decision making are well known to them. Through this rightful judgment are anticipated to avoid any forms of these abuses in the family setting.
Related scenario
This kind of abuse and violence has not only been of great concern in family setting but also in working sector. For instance highly ranked officials in offices have fired and even wrote terminating of contract letters to employees due to poor judgmental decision that they come upon and as a result abusing their ranks and office as a whole (Barnett, Miller- Perlin, and Perrin 300).
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