Achieving Personal Goals While Contributing to the Good of Humanity



The first acquaintance with your university was as a result of inquiries that I made to my mentors about the best institution to prepare myself for my chosen career. They highly recommended this institution as a value-based organization that is committed to the development of highly qualified professionals who will not only deliver on their mandates effectively but will also contribute towards the achievement of national goals. As a nature enthusiast, I love the park-like setting of this university and would love an opportunity to call such a beautiful setting my home during my most formative years. Also, the sporting environment around the university is attractive to me because I like running. In addition, the city of Geneva is a melting pot of cultures that will provide an opportunity to appreciate the culture of other countries. I also have an interest in international affairs which staying in Geneva will enable me to explore. For example, the location of the United Nations and the financial centre that is the city will give me an opportunity to interact with both organizations and individuals that shape global affairs. The institution has a qualified and dedicated staff that facilitates the learning process by making sure that they have all the resources that they need to learn (Webster University 1). In addition, the institution has created a culture of collaboration among both the student and teaching community. Furthermore, the institution is committed to global academic standards. This is important for me since I want to intern at an international organization.