ADHD Impact on Academic Performance

It is immensely required that the form, relentlessness, and perseverance of this phenomenon among the children are studied comprehensively.In order to eradicate a disease, primary diagnosis is quite essential. likewise, for reducing the prevalence of ADHD among children, in-depth diagnosis is highly required. In this case, the diagnosis will be carried out through examination of the possible impacts of ADHD upon academic performance of the students. In addition to this, the measures that can be taken up for helping the children suffering from ADHD in the classroom will also be identified (Loe amp. Feldman, 2006). With regards to the identified area of research within this paper, the following research questions have been framed, the answer to which will be presented in the form of a review of a variety of literature.A report by the National Bureau of Economic Research (2011) has displayed the effects that ADHD has on the educational results of the students. Considering the case of the United States, the most widespread problem among the children with regards to the mental health is that of ADHD. This mental health problem affects around 4 to 5 percent of the children in the US. The authors who conducted this report survey based their decision on the research data from children with varying age between 4 years to 14 years. According to the authors, the children who mostly belong to the households of the lower income group of the society may be more susceptible to get affected by ADHD than other sections of the society. This group of the children would also be more likely to produce poorer results in their educational courses. For analyzing this aspect precisely, the authors have taken into consideration various factors like the income of the family and level of education of the children’s mother.