Adoption of Strategic Human Resource Policies and Practices at Watson Rothwell Fabrications

Going through the company records for the purpose of understanding how we arrived where we are, I observed that there has been a massive investment in technology, production monitoring, and process mapping, resulting in a 75% increase in process capability. No doubt, there is an urgent need to raise the bar and to lead Watson Rothwell Fabrications to greater heights.
Writing in the academy of management journal, Mark A. Youndt, Scott A. Snell, James W. Dean, Jr., and David P. Lepak puts it succinctly: "The value of human capital may be especially apparent in modern manufacturing organizations that have invested heavily in product innovations such as advanced manufacturing technology, statistical process control, and computer numerically controlled machine tools. Such initiatives tend to depend heavily on employee skills and commitment as key components in the value creation process (cf. Snell &amp. Dean, 1992). Accordingly, it is instrumental for manufacturing firms to harness the productive potential of their employees in order to achieve superior performance". (Pg 836)
There is a need to set a limit in the minds of those who are responsible for these results on how things should be done in the work environment. otherwise, there will not be legal liabilities consequent upon acting based on discretion and personal feelings.
Continuing, the authors cite the fact that "It has become a widely held premise that people provide organizations with an important source of sustainable competitive advantage (Prahalad, 1983. Pfeffer, 1994. Wright, McMahan, &amp. McWilliams, 1994) and that the effective management of human capital, not physical capital, may be the ultimate determinant of organizational performance (cf. Adler, 1988. Reich, 1991)". (836)
Today, more than ever before, engineering, manufacturing and services companies operate in an environment of intense globalized competition, where many external factors impact on their enterprises. In these times, we see, again and again, examples of companies protecting their future through innovation, not only in the design and implementation of new products and services but in workplace innovation – improving the processes and procedures for managing work. One fact that is becoming globally acceptable is that one of the keys to successful organizational performance is the people within the organization and the management systems that harness their talents and capabilities.
The time has come to start focusing on the global business environment. In the light of the phenomenal success recorded by Watson Rothwell Fabrications within this short time span, it is imperative that management should begin to project itself into the global manufacturing environment in order to establish its cutting edge operations in the global market place