Advertising Management in Match Play Holidays

Owing to the specificity of business objectives that advertising is supposed to address, the message should be designed in a way that will draw attention to the products and will manifest their popularisation (Sutherland &amp. Sylvester, 2009, P. 221).
The current report will aim at outlining the activities of an advertising agency that are required to provide guidance to a client in the travel business. The task is quite daunting given that the client is unsophisticated in terms of advertising terms and moreover the advertising agency is operating almost at full capacity. The professional commitments of the agency will require it to provide creative briefing as well as a budgetary recommendation to the client. It will also highlight the restructuring needs of the advertising agency which is in the urgent need of a scale-up in order to accommodate the extra work. Finally, the report will recommend the measures that the advertising agency should follow in order to efficiently communicate to its employees the need to reorganise.
It has been observed that the particular travel business company, viz. Match Play Holidays (Client-3), that has been added to the clientele of the advertising agency has been started by two golf enthusiasts – Les Clarke and Robbie Kerr – who are looking for an opportunity for investment and an activity in which they were personally interested, and who do not have any experience in the area of advertising. Through the market research that was personally conducted by Les Clarke it was found that a minimum of thirty-six players per resort, per long weekend, and a maximum of forty-eight were required with the competition running over forty weeks was the target that has to be achieved in order to materialise the business goals of the travel business.
Under such circumstances, the main objective of the advertising agency will be to design an efficient plan to attract prospective customers, who account of being golf enthusiasts – beginners as well as experts – may be particularly interested to take an extended tour to participate in some of the most famous championship courses in the exotic locales of Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Tunisia. A major objective of the agency will also be to highlight the substantial price benefit that the customers will receive by availing the services of the travel agency.