After Action Results Based on Analysis and Critique of Major Event Paper PowerPoint Presentation

After Action Results based on Analysis/Critique of Major Event Paper PowerPoint PresentationHURRICANE KATRINAThe student will summarize his or her findings in an audio/visual PPT presentation. The student will use PowerPoint to build their narrated presentation and convert it into a Windows Media Video WMV (Converting PPT to WMV), to present and record his or her critique. A minimum of ten narrated content slides are required. The student will at the minimum use the same headings as required in the written analysis. The presentation be at least ten minutes long and should last no more than 30 minutes maximum. References will be included on the last slide. Once submitted for grading the student will email his or her PPT video to the rest of the class for their review. The student does not have to show him or herself in the video unless they wish to.19/06/202025law