Age Discrimination in Different Economic Conditions

If there are differentiations in the contracts between the two employees more information is needed to determine if this is age discrimination.
2. In this situation, Alvin does not have a strong claim for age discrimination. The police department prefers to utilize younger officers. This is for the safety of other officers as well as the safety of the general public. Moreover, the department does not require Alvin to retire. However, many employees choose to retire at the age of 50 this is nowhere stated as a requirement. Although Alvin’s job description has changed he was given a suitable replacement. In addition, Alvin was not asked to take a pay cut or work other hours. Although Alvin may not be satisfied with this new position it is in the best interest for society.
3. Carter does not have a claim for age discrimination based upon the facts given. The company needed to lay off employees due to economic downfalls. Layoffs during poor economic times are often an option utilized by employers. Unfortunately, there is nothing the company can do in regard to the economic situation. Carter will be eligible for unemployment as the company has not debated this claim. Moreover, Alvin has only been with the company for two years. However, if other individuals that have been with the company for a shorter period of time that is younger than Carter he may have a claim for age discrimination based upon these facts.&nbsp.