Aged care policy

The Aged Care Policies The aged care policies have been established for people with various mental health problems and each policy has been founded for different reasons.Before moving itno these issues, it is essential to display some exemplified manifestations of what is a health care all about.First, there is a programme meant to treat people with dementia, people that suffer from non stop degrading of intellectual functions such as memory. This project examines the influence of health care system factors on care outcomes for the patients. Second, the informal care programme which its pupose is to provide care to older people by family or friends because community care has become more productive than the individual residential care in Australia. Finally, the formal or the national aged care programme is always for older aged people whom are sent by the Australian government.The main focus is on the third programme.. There are several policies that have been sentenced for this programme such as the National Mental Health Policy 2008 which focuses on mental health promotion, mental illness, suicide prevention and early intervention. Another policy is the Fourth National Health Plan 2009 -2014 that revolves around reformation to solve inclusion, its recovery, prevention and early intervention. (Shelton n.d.).The reactions towards the mental health programmes are appealing in the course of sponsoring and ensuring the ongoing of the programmes. The Coalition and the Labour parties both pledged a generous amount for the ongoing of the programmes if they get elected and/or re-elected. The Coalition Party is willing to put $ 1.5B and the Labour Party would invest $ 276.9M over the four years if re-elected.(Shelton n.d.).ReferencesAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare 2011, Aged Care, Australian Government, viewed 29 August 2011, Shelton, L, n.d., Compare Party Responses, viewed 29 August 2011, http://www.