Airplane Accidents who is Responsible and do the Victims deserve Compensation

The article was published on a reputable and as such, it went through a review process, which makes it a credible source for information. Hence, this article is useful in the analysis of who should be held accountable for the airplane accidents. Additionally, it has given some valuable information on the major causes of the airplane accidents compared to other sources in this annotated bibliography. Furthermore, the article is reliable because it gives information about a practical airplane accident, with reference to the Ethiopian airline case. Moreover, as a member of the British Investigation Board, the author has first-hand account and information regarding the causes of airplane accidents and human issues involved such as compensation. The article is very objectives as it explains in detail what the persons responsible for the accident planning to do for the victims of the accident.
The article fits the research because it provides the information about the causes of the airplane accidents. It engages in conversation with other sources as it argues about the same issue of the causes of the airplane accident. In addition, it raises the issue of compensating the victims, which is the main focus of my research.
The source presents the accident of Boeing737 airplane and focuses on its safety records from the time it was manufactured, as well as the design integrity of the manufacturing company. It gives details on several incidences where the Boeing 737 showed various weaknesses that could have resulted in its accident. Such integrity is demonstrated in areas such as the fuselage skin and the engine design. It further gives the history of the design model since 1960s and how the Boeing manufacturing company had been using the same models, which could have been the cause of the accident.&nbsp.