Alfred Dunhill Ltd Reconciling Traditions and Innovation in Product and Brand Management

For luxury brands such as Dunhill, the challenge will be to keep the aspirational aspects of the brand and products alive while allowing more accessibility to extend the brand, defining mature retailing concepts, focusing on service quality and most importantly taking into account customers satisfaction.

According to Alicia Perry with David wisdom III, the Communication of luxury products is the most important and difficult paradox to manage. Like other brands, they should also communicate that they exist and at the same time protect their selectivity. In their communication strategy, they need to combine selectivity, elitism, and rarity. Brand Identity is broken into 4 categories- Positioning, verbal, visual and experimental. From an identity perceptive, positioning is the anchor and sets the right tone for the communication of that company, service or product. It provides the tactical blueprint that anchors the creative vision to then create an identity. For Dunhill, the components would include proposition pitch, price structure, target markets, audience messaging matrix, positioning statement, core essence, history and tradition of the company, identity objectives and technical parameters.

Verbal identity, on the other hand, could be a name, tagline, copy points of a brochure, descriptor. Promotional tag lines usually have a short life cycle. intended to promote the company, product or service descriptively,

According to Uche Okonkwo (2007), the rate of internet penetration in different countries is very high. The proportion of the population with internet access in the United States and in other developed countries is nearly 95% (Angy Geerts and Nathalie Veg, p3). The Internet is a complementary tool in communication strategy and the critical objective is to inform, educate and persuade. It can establish long term relationships with customers and generate a better understanding of their needs through online chat services, knowledgeable personal shoppers, editorial style advice and product suggestions.