Alzheimers Disease

Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s disease Information about Alzheimer’s disease can be obtained from some websites, which include Google,, and The information provided by Google regarding this topic is wide and from various sources, which includes primary and secondary sources (Hebda amp. Czar, 2009). However, there is also some unverified information found on this site regarding the topic, which cannot be relied upon entirely. On the other hand, provides verified information about the topic mostly in form of primary sources, specialized directories, databases and statistics (Englebardt amp. Nelson, 2002). is the other website that has information regarding Alzheimer’s disease as a topic. This site provides information inform of both primary and secondary sources. All sources fulfill the HONcode principle criterion of authoritative, since each website indicates the qualification of the authors. Attribution is the other criteria that are fulfilled by all the websites, in that they give adequate information regarding the sources of information through citation (Hebda amp. Czar, 2009). Justifiability is fulfilled since the sites support the claims given through backing up with relevant information. Transparency is adhered to in the manner the information is presented, disclosing all the relevant issues on the topic (Englebardt amp. Nelson, 2002). Privacy as a HONcode criterion is adhered to by the sources, since confidentiality of the data given is maintained by ensuring no names of the individuals from the data was obtained is mentioned. However, funding disclosure as a HONcode criterion is not fulfilled by the websites. Additionally, Google as a source does not fulfill the principles of complimentarily and advertising policy, since it does not clearly distinguish the advertising information from the real topic content (Hebda amp. Czar, 2009). Nevertheless, the other two sites fulfill these principles. ReferencesEnglebardt, S.P., amp. Nelson, R. (2002). Health care informatics: An interdisciplinary approach. St. Louis, MO: Mosby. Hebda, T., amp. Czar, P. (2009). Handbook of informatics for nurses amp. health care professionals (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Practice Hall