American Strategy in the Global War on Terrorism

Many Americans are of the view that the current economic crisis in America was occurred only because of the huge expenditure made on the war fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because of the growing concerns about the success of the war on terror and the increasing economic problems, America cannot continue the war on terror infinitely. Many people are of the view that America cannot sustain its war on terror in this manner for a longer period and in all the probabilities it might be forced to cease the war on terror even before achieving the objectives. The current strategies seem to be inadequate in protecting the interests of the Americans. Moreover, many political and economic analysts are of the view that America should reassess its strategy from a realistic point of view to extricate itself from the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq to concentrate on the wider aspects of the war on terrorism. The questions like. how a country can attack another country without convincing reasons. Why the rest of the world keeping silence even when two sovereign states attacked by a superpower. How the idealism of spreading democracy with the help of war can be justified. Is it necessary for America to take more pragmatic approach in fighting against terrorism etc seem to be relevant at present. This paper analyses the American strategy in the Global War on Terrorism with help of the opinions of Thucydides, Clausewitz, and Richard Betts. Moreover, my own opinion is also included at the end of this paper.