Employment Laws The United s of America has more thann180 laws related to employment. The laws are administered and enforced by the Department of Labor (United States Department of Labor). Most of the laws are comprehensive, which makes it hard for workers to be mistreated in any manner. The high number of laws makes it difficult for many workers to remember the laws that apply in every situation. In most cases, workers are mistreated because of ignorance. Many workers are not aware of the current employment laws in the United States. It is necessary to increase awareness among workers to reduce the number of employee losing because of ignorance (Unemployment Benefits). The laws that touch unemployment benefits should be strengthened. Currently, the law is too restrictive and has many requirements (United States Department of Labor). The presence of these many requirements makes it possible for many employers to prevent employees from claiming unemployment benefits. It would be beneficial the law to cover ways to prevent employers from manipulating workers. The penalty for preventing an employee to get unemployment benefits should be huge to discourage the behavior. The law will be stronger if it directs all employers to inform workers of their unemployment benefits at the time of employment. The legislature should consider adding new laws to cover people working in small firms and independent contractors. Currently, they do not have any form of protection despite the fact they work hard. According protection for independent contractors within the law would help in protecting them against unpaid services. Additional laws are required to prevent online frauds that cost job seekers so much money. It is paramount for the government to control things like multilevel marketing to prevent fraud. Works CitedUnemployment Benefits. n.d. Web. 30 April 2015. .United States Department of Labor. Summary of the Major Laws of the Department of Labor. n.d. Web. 30 April 2015. .