“An Airframe &amp

Power-Plant Mechanic"My A&amp.P mechanic knowledge and 3 different types of engine overhaul experiences closely match your job requirements and A&amp.P mechanic tasks. I can easily handle the job requirements i.e. perform aircraft maintenance and/or repairs in accordance with HAECO Airframe Services, FAA, and customer standards of quality. In a short period, I have shown my ability to various work experience assisting with maintenance operations control with a chief mechanic for flight schools Cessna. I have knowledge in design techniques, knowledge of materials and A&amp.P mechanic tasks typical services like annual and 100-hour inspection, and engine overhauls. I can take up any duties and complete teamwork within future workers. I would be interested in a fall position and it would be an honor to work at your company.
I welcome the opportunity to discuss any possible mechanic position with you. Am looking forward to a positive consideration. Please feel free to call me at or by email I have hereby attached my CV. Thank you in advance.