An Analysis of the Movie Syriana

From the research it is clear Quicksand is an academic book written by one Geoffrey Wawro. The author’s academic background on military matters and the long-term experience as a teacher of the Naval War College grants him an ability to write from a political perspective. He gives a historical perspective of the incidences that have been pioneered by the American government in the Middle East and relates the incidences to the political and economic significances that are the driving forces behind the involvements. This paper seeks to give an analysis of the movie Syriana and in turn give a relation between the main theme communicated by the movie and the propositions given by Wawro in his book Quicksand.
As the study presents Syriana is a 2005 film written by Stephen Gaghan. The film focuses on the interplay that exists between political and economic drivers in the world today. The influences of the United States in the oil industry are addressed in the movie. The movie begins with a major US oil company, Connex, losing drilling rights to a Chinese company in the Middle East oil fields in a kingdom ruled by the Al-Subaai family. This turns out to be a great disappointment to US oil industry. Connex, therefore, settles on establishing a merger with Killen, a comparatively smaller oil company that has recently won the rights to drill oil in Kazakhstan. The position of Connex in the oil industry is hence greatly affected and its position in the world among the oil drilling companies drops to twenty-three.