An Asset to St Christopher Iba Mar Diop School of Medicine

&nbsp.When I entered the University of Houston, I have gained so many experiences such as helping people through campus-sponsored events and through the Fraternity I have joined with. With this organization, it taught be self-discipline and morale wherein I have developed over the years. I have a wealth of exposures to different places and people from all walks of life. In this University also, I have gained 110 credit hours in the field of Biology which I could use as a stepping stone to the medical profession.

I firmly believe that I can be an asset to the St. Christopher Iba Mar Diop School of Medicine through the experiences I have gained at the University of Houston. I am the type of person wherein I don’t leave things left undone and through St. Christopher Iba Mar Diop, I can fulfill my dream of finishing Medicine and becoming one of those respectable doctors of my generation. I’m looking at my future as well of traveling across the globe providing aid to those underprivileged and being part of a world-class medical organization whose aim to help give free education and assistance.

Being an asset is something that you cannot tell through words but in action and I can attest that what I have written today will still be the same as I finish my medicine course at the St. Christopher Iba Mar Diop School of Medicine.