An Example of Alternative Advertising



The company is an advertising agency where other companies contract it to place their advertisements. This company has developed an innovative way of conducting its advertisements. As such, the company has adopted branded entertainment as a key strategy of ensuring that it conveys the adverts of its clients in an effective manner. This has been evidenced by the ability of the company to place the adverts of various products in comic books, video games and Broadway musicals that include the pop music (Bradley, Kelley and Hudson 6). The company has also realized that entertainment is a rich platform, which can be used to convey various adverts on products that companies adverts. This is because entertainment attracts a large number of potential customers of products from different companies. Branded entertainment is also facilitating in improving the viewership of the quality adverts. Hence, consumers have illustrated a positive acceptance of this form of advertisement by make purchase choices, which are based on these adverts.