An Inspector Calls by J B Priestley

Essay on the book: An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestley June 4, 2007 An Inspector Calls is a play has been very victorious in feat. This play stresses that Ms. Eva Smith/ Daisy Renton left a letter or sort of a journal to Mr. Birling. The letter was addressed to her relative Gerald Croft who was working with Birling &amp. Co. In totality, the journal shows the happening in Eva’s life from her employment with Birling &amp. Co. up to her suicide. It chronologically reports her life from September of 1910 to early April of 1912.
Inspector Calls delved on how people reacted or how should people react in a life’s incident like suicide. The said journal documented Eva’s work-mates at Birling &amp. Company. It also mentioned the woman who urged Eva to go to the Palace bar who was an agent of Brumley’s prostitutes. More to that are the people mentioned in her lodgings.
The play portrayed so many concerns that relates to how a person should act in the society that he or she lives in. One of the highlights of the play is the death of Eva which led to the most important argument in the play which is responsibility. At the beginning of the play, Mr. Birling gave his restricted view of responsibility in a extensive dialogue. Moreover, Mr. Birling’s definition of responsibility was followed by the appearance of the Inspector. Then the inspector gave his concept of responsibility as well before he left.
Second is the lowers costs and higher prices. It manifested the playwright’s view on of Mr. Birling’s enthusiasm for joining the two affluent families of Croft and Birling and his hopes that they can still work for lower costs and higher prices. As a businessman, lower costs are mostly realized by paying the workers lower wages.
Third, the play opened the window about divulging the identity of the Croft and the Birling families- their likeness and their differences. It also showed how the two families present themselves in gatherings.
Moreover, Mr. Birling’s idea of progress can be a salient point in the play. He linked scientific advances with progress in politics and international relations.
On the other hand, the writer was able to conceptualize something that gave Mr. Birling an identity of a man who can utilize his influence in stopping the investigation process.
Lastly, this play depicted a common scenario in the early 20th century. Youthful women from the middle classes would not have full of zip sexually before marriage. This has nothing to do with good worth – but much to do with securing a fine partner. After marrying, or even becoming widowed or divorced, middle-class and prosperous women could be more active if they chose. But inferior women could sometimes be seduced in return for material loot.
In conclusion, the play An Inspector Calls is one of the best plays that there is that poses so many issues and arguments relating to human existence- both moral and economic in nature but either way one has to stand firmly on how he or she view things that unfold.
An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestley