An Investigation into the Practice and Impact of Advertising on Consumer Perception of Body Shop Plc Company



The main reason for choosing this topic was, very limited studies have been done on the impact of advertising on high street retailing sector. Another reason is for advertisements a lot of money is invested but does it really increase the sales or it just due to time, name, or even due to brand loyalty the sales are increasing. Moreover every year the rates of advertisements are increasing but at the same time the customers’ increases as well. Lastly, these topics are really interesting to do the research on, such as the impact of advertising, consumer perception, and retailing. Coca-cola, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, Kodak, Marlboro, IBM, American Express, Sony, Mercedes-Benz, and Nescafe are generally in the world’s top ten brands in the market , and they have reached and retained in such position mainly because of the efforts of the marketing and advertising departments ( Stanley, 2003). So exactly what is an advertisement or what can we understand by the term advertisement. There have been different views regarding the concept of advertisement. According to John Burnett, "Advertisement is a non-personal communication of marketing related information to a target audience, usually paid by the advertiser and delivered through mass media in order to reach the specific objective of sponsor". However, according to the critic of advertising, Judith Williamson (1978, p.57) states that it’s "the most ubiquitous form in which we encounter commercial photography" which means advertising is the ‘official art’ of the advanced industrial nation of the west. It occupies the newspapers and is covered all over with urban environment, it is highly systematized organization involving many artists, writer and film directors, and consist of a large amount of output of the mass media. Advertisements promote and affect the idea and value which are crucial to a particular economic system. Thus a good advertisement is that, which we should not lose interest in their ideological functions, which is connected to their economic functions (Dyer, 1995 p.2).&nbsp. &nbsp.