An investigation into the theory and practice of management skills development in the hospitality and tourism industries

Thankfully my research and academic proficiency led me to applying in Marriot International among other companies for a management trainee post and getting a positive response from the company. Marriot International is the third largest chain of hotels in the world by employees and revenues but what struck me most about the company was that it consistently got selected as one of the five most ethical companies in an annual review carried out by a rating and analysis firm.The company is based in the United States but has a large setup in the United Kingdom and offers a management trainee program or as the company calls it, a leadership development program, in 30 countries of the world. I got selected in this program that goes by the name of Voyage and conveyed my consent for joining appropriately quickly. Now I am an inductee into the program in its UK chapter and it is early days for me as a trainee of event management, a field of profession I chose to enter after long and careful deliberation. I think that the most prominent feature of event management that is not as important in other types of management is time management which I think is one of the best qualities a person can possess. Also if an event and the planning leading up to it are considered a complete project, I shall get more experience of handling whole projects than I would have gotten in any other field of corporate management. Finally, I have taken this route because I would like to permanently leave the status of employee one day and establish my own company in the event management business.The first skill that I think I will be requiring to acquire to progress on this career path is keeping my fitness level high. By fitness I do also mean personal health care as well. I have honestly concluded from what I have come to know so far about the job of event management for large companies that it is a tenuous job. it is both physically and