An Opinion towards the Ideal Government



The essay "An Opinion towards the Ideal Government" describes what the ideal government could be since the success or the defeat of a nation depends on how it is being governed. Though there is no specific pattern or a proven theory as to what political structure is the skeleton of an ideal government. An ideal government would somewhat be patterned to the Democratic Socialism political structure. It would be more of getting the better aspects of the 2 political structures with the aim that the principles of the 2 would be intertwined to attain the success of one. The people in the community will have their share of freedom and restrictions. As justified by the golden rule, it is only the means which is good and therefore virtuous. If a particular community will be given too much freedom, there are tendencies that the government will be exploited and mocked. On the contrary, when a government becomes too authoritarian, it will lose the respect of the community because of the restrictions that are being imposed. State and economy are entities perceived to be better off separated. Monopoly in the government should be avoided. This will ensure not just the stability of the state and the economy as different entities but of the government as a whole. Friedman and Friedman expressed that, “The relation between political and economic freedom is complex and by no means unilateral”. If both divisions are being governed by one branch of governance, there is a great possibility that monopoly will occur.