An outline marketing plan for the next year for Atlantic Quench 303

Atlantic Quench operates in the fruit juice segment with the objective of maintain and attracting more consumers through offering them greater range of benefits present in their manufactured fruit juice products. The company has suffered from the decrease of market value and sales volume. The paper analyses the existing fruit juice markets of the US and the UK so as to conduct a marketing plan for growth for Atlantic Quench in next year.Atlantic Quench Cranberries Incorporated (AQC) is one of the premier fruit juice manufacturing companies operating in the U.S. AQC has been established as an agricultural co-operative. The company was formed almost 80 years back by the cranberry farmers from New Jersey and Massachusetts. Farmers from Florida joined the co-operative in the year 1974. Currently AQC is owned by 46 grapefruit and 630 cranberry farmers. The company has achieved great success in the UK.However, the fast growing health concerns amongst consumers in the UK and the US has brought challenges for the company as the market value and sales volume (Mintel, 2014). However, the consistently rising demand for low sugar content fruit juice drinks is seen to be a good chance for the business of AQC and similar fruit juice manufacturing firms, in a highly positive manner (Corbett, 2013).The current paper focuses to analyze the existing conditions and the characteristics of the UK fruit juice market. Accordingly the paper aims to recognize the opportunities and challenges existing in the market for Atlantic Quench so that the company can develop strategic plans for marketing their products and recognise suitable positioning opportunities. After implementing these strategies of this marketing plan, the sales of the company is expected to increase by 4.5% and the profit margin will be maintain at 12% – 14%.The company has remained successful at achieving 7% growth annually since the last four years. Almost 26% rise