Analysis of A Magnificent Catastrophe by Edward J Larson

The book shows the friendship that developed between Jefferson and Adams during the Revolution when both of them had served as ambassadors in Europe and the manner through which they had previously worked together in ensuring that the constitution was written and revised to serve the interests of the American people (Larson, 2007). It also looks into the personalities of the individuals involved as well as making an analysis of the backgrounds of the various leaders, specifically Adams and Jefferson as a prelude to the rivalry that would develop between them during the Washington administration and later in the election campaign of 1798.
The issues addressed in the book are not covered as adequately as one would expect they should be because Larson seems to concentrate on dramatizing the various rivalries that took place between the political leaders of the United States at the time and he forgets to show the positive aspects of the interactions between these men on the history of the nation. It should also be noted that the depiction of the political atmosphere that involved the cutthroat politics that we see today is not accurate because, despite the competition, the politicians during that period often sought to put national interests before their own. However, despite its deficiencies, the book is quite incisive about the events that led to America’s eventual involvement in global affairs through providing information concerning how after the French Revolution, there was the harassment of American shipping by the French. The different views of the political figures of the time in relation to the relationship between the United States and European countries such as England and France showed how close these individuals were in their stance that the United States had to remain independent from European influences.