Analysis of Apple Computer Inc

The company is widely known for its Mac OS Server Operating Systems, which is a far cry from traditional albeit, more popular Windows Operating Systems (Apple 2010).
However, with the competitors’ launch of a product similar to the Ipad, Apple Computer Inc. now intends to be more vigilant in protecting its unique product line up and release more models that would signify its position as the market’s leading personal computer vendor. Smaller companies have started attacking Apple’s market share by coming up with cheaper versions that offer similar benefits at a much lower price. These copycats tend to become alternatives for people who are tight on the budget but would like to have a similar experience with their personal computers. Of course, the quality is not the same, and some unique features of the Ipad are yet to be duplicated, but the threat of losing precious market share to these small players is eminent. In fact, the threat looms over Ipad, and management is keen on doing something about it.

Achieving these objectives is tantamount to the overall company growth and revenue. If Apple Computer Inc wishes to overcome current obstacles to the business, management must focus on achieving quantitative as well as qualitative revenues. There is a need for the company to find ways to maintain, if not improve market position, in the US, UK and the rest of the world.

Human resource is vital to the achievement of these goals. Apple should work on getting a task force team that would spearhead the organization towards moving forward and overcoming threats and weaknesses. Motivating the sales force the right way would also mean getting them to exert more effort to push the products and gain incremental sales.
1. Brand equity. Apple Computer Inc and brands associated with the company such as iPod, Ipad, Macintosh notebooks among others are highly popular in the market. Setting the trends for gadgets, brand names may even be referred to as product names, proving the popularity of the brand.