Analysis of Business Presentation

My greatest challenge is organizing and creating a visual aid or powerpoint presentation in a way that presents information effectively to the audience. Many of my past teachers have told me that I need to summarize points more and read from the power pointless. I find it very hard to prepare bullet points and elaborate on the points in a way that does not get wordy or present too much information to the audience.

I think my biggest challenge is actually in speaking to the audience instead of reading to the audience. I have a very hard time looking at the audience and spend most of the presentation reading from my notes or reading from the powerpoint presentation. It is usually easier to read the information because it helps reduce the number of speaking errors that I present and the information is already in a format that sounds academic and professional.

There are probably techniques and methods to take the research that I perform to learn about a topic and shrink the knowledge down into a summarized version. Learning how to take research and use it to support the overall purpose of the presentation is critical. Right now, I also struggle in speaking to the audience and need to improve on how I prepare the presentation and actually deliver it to the audience.&nbsp.