Analysis of Christianity Movements

Topic:&nbsp. Reflection Essay Religion is an important aspect of everyone’s life as it formulates a foundation for a person to build their life. Being a Roman Catholic, I have strong faith in my religion and have understood that my religion is based on certain belief system. A belief system is what makes a religion a true one, like in Christianity , the belief is that Jesus is the son of God .The Belief system is the strongest element in a religion as in its absence the religion can have an unstable ground. In the same way, in Christianity, community plays a significant role as the religious messages and rituals are witnessed mostly in the presence of mass of people. Like every religion, Catholism has certain mythical background to which there is no commendable proof when looking back in to the history.
Some people still debate on the life of Jesus and the miracles he performed to revive people of his times. Christianity is not abundant with rituals, however to certain extend rituals does decorate the religious practice. However, ethics is of great importance in Catholism as the teachings of Christ are entirely based on a moralistic and ethical life. Moreover, the emotional experience in Christianity is exaggerating as the death of Jesus to eradicate the sin of people has been focused to soften the mind of people. In Christianity material expression is notable as preaching gospels and signing gospel hymns is an integral part of the religion. As a Christian I can affirm that Christianity is a sacred religion with belief system as its strongest element.
Recently ,there are many religious movements which have emerged in this world which is centered on distinctive belief system and rituals. One of them is Rastafarian religion, practiced mainly in Jamaican society. This religious has a strong belief system, where they believe that the last Emperor of Ethiopia is a messiah of the world. Rastafarians practice their religion in a community and propagates that African community is the haven of human origination. They nuture certain myths as God is black and that salvation can be attained only by Black people. With regard to rituals, Rastafarianism is unique as it place music as its ritualistic practice. Unlike other religion, Rastafarians does not have religiously inculcated ritualistic practice or customs.
This religion has a valid ethical system as it refers to biblical texts and parables to propagate high moral standards of living. Rastafarians are strict vegetarians and abhor alcohol in an attempt to be spiritual and pure. This religion practically aim it the upliftment of Black community against the baleful attitude of Western society against them. However, the aspect of emotional experience is heightened among believers with the usage of music along with religion as a source. But the religion does not hold on to any material expression and is purely based on ethical living and spiritual enhancement. This religion is a sacred social movement, which unites the Black people in and around Africa, and transforms their life by through idealistic religious principles and customs.