Analysis of Learning in the Module

Education al Affiliation) Overall learning and activities covered in the module The module has enabled recognition of the foundational principles of a system approach to bring about positive behavior in schools. The module has enable completion of an introduction to evidence based system of positive behaviors supports that enable gaining of understanding of its purpose and structures in education setting (, 2015).&nbsp.The module brings about critical role of classroom management. The most important role that teachers play in classroom management is to enhance student’s understanding (Clarke, 1995). Overall learning that have been attained from the module include identification of most important factors of effective classroom management as determined by research (Bucy, 1997). Understanding of important tenets of theories that mainly apply to motivation and learning in the education environment (YouTube, 2015). Understanding of the existing relationship existing between good instruction, achievement and behaviors in classroom for better management have been learned through the module (Meyer and Evans, 1985). Professional achievements that are needed in education sector can be achieved through understanding the module as it has all effectiveness.
Most important learning
Most learning in the module is efficient class management practices and activities that enhance behaviors of students (Meyer and Evans, 1985). Example of important reading include that on theory, research and practice and critical role in classroom management (Horner and Carr, 1997).
Professional importance
Professional goals in education can be achieved after going through the module since the overall learning will enable better classroom management. Relationship between good instruction, classroom behavior and achievement can be professionally be linked in education after going through the module (Clarke, 1995). The learning brings professional excellence in one that understands it well.
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