Analysis of Obesity in Children

Various authors have scrutinized obesity in their individual mechanisms and capacity. Among the books that discourse about this disorder are Understanding childhood obesity and A matter of fact as well as Understanding and overcoming obesity in kids. In their work, these authors strive to find out what obesity is in America, actors that prevent obesity, measures of preventing it, and countermeasures in case the measures do not work. He also goes a mile forward and gives some new approaches to combat obesity. Among the new discoveries include the discovery of leptin and the leptin receptor as well as the new genetic discovery that strives to explain why some individuals are prone to obesity and not others. Richard Collins a renowned nutritionist along with Rosemary Santon who is a prominent exercise scientist strives to answer common questions that entail weight problems and obesity in children. Through that, they elucidate some facts about health activities, good eating habits, and accumulation of body fats while at the same time focusing on the risks. In addition, they give advice on various weight problems and nutrition knowledge. They continue to state that good food is delicious but, it should not be calorific. Some journal articles that are highlighted here are Growth and Nutrition, Obesity in America, Nutritional Journal, International Journal of Obesity and Elsevier. According to an article entitled Childhood Obesity Prevalence and Prevention published in the 2nd of September in 2005, childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels in the developed countries. In America, twenty percent of children are overweight while 11% are obese but the causes of obesity are not yet fully found. A number of factors such as environmental factors, lifestyle preferences, and cultural environments are responsible for the worldwide rising cases of obesity. The journal also notes that behavioural and social factors are the core causes of obesity. Diet, calorie intake, fat consumption, and lack of adequate physical activity lie under the behavioral factors.