Analysis of Partriocracy Movie

In most cases, the politicians give more attention to their party ideologies and positions at the expense of national good and issues. It is important to note and mention that the all the political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats are never willing to cross the aisle or compromise their tough political stance at the expense of national issues and good.
A practical instance of this situation as captioned in the movies shows a Republican member of the houses heckling down President Obama. At the very minimum, he ought to have shown respect and reverence to the head of state, but the fact that he heckles shows the level of intolerance, tough stance, and hate along political party lines. The movie also explains the enmity or difficult to agree or compromise to the fact that the elected politicians gather in rallies to vent out hatred towards their opponents of other different parties. Thus, the movie represents the level of intolerance by the public due to political party loyalty.
It is thus safe to assert and mention that it is the political parties which got used “here.” Specifically, it is the Republican Party and the Democratic Party which got the political landscape and environment to be that heated and divisive. It is the political parties that are also able and capable of getting the country out of the acrimonious state of affairs. Borrowing an example from the past, where political parties would have their members live in Washington to a state where they were friends and developed a working relationship. In the seventies and eighties, all the congress members regardless of their political parties lived in Washington for a long period of time to the extent where they tore down their political acrimony and tough stance (Iyengar and Hahn, 19). As a remedy, the movie alludes that the political parties ought to tone down their loyalty of political parties and compromise on issues of relevance and national importance.&nbsp.&nbsp.