Analysis of The House of Spirits Novel of Isabel Allende

At the beginning of the novel, Isabel Allande describes Clara del Valle who plays a crucial role in the novel is a progenitor of the family. She keeps a journal describing the history of the family that will be continued by her husband Esteban and her granddaughter Alba in half a century. Clara has a gift of prevision is able to predict the future. She foresees that Esteban Trueba is her destiny and marry him in several years. Further, Isabel Allande depicts a hostility existing between two families the del Valle-Trueba family and the Garcia family caused by class location and social position. Clara has three children: Blanca, Jaime and Nicolas. When Blanca grows up she meets Pedro Tercero, son of a peasant and a revolutionist in contrast to Esteban who is a conservative. In a time Esteban knows about this love affair and tries to kill Pedro Tercero. Accidentally Esteban hits Clara that resulted in their separation.
Blanca is told that Pedro Tercero was killed and forces to marry Jean de Satigny. Nevertheless, their marriage is not happy and in half a year she leaves him. Blanca’s daughter, Alba, is raised by the entire family is a loving and sympathetic girl. She supposes that Jean de Satigny is her father. One day she meets Pedro Tercero and be on friendly terms with him. At the University Alba meets Miguel and falls in love. The situation in the country is politically unstable and when the leading party is changed, and mortal danger threatens Esteban, Alba asks Pedro Tercero to save his life. The colonel who kidnaps Alba turns out to be the grandson of Esteban Garcia and Pancha. Esteban Garcia tries to take revenge on Alba, because of cruelties and oppression faced by his grandmother but fails. At the end Isabel Allande that Alba and Esteban began to complete the story of their family, but suddenly Esteban dies. And Alba continues this work along being pregnant.